Liverpool vs Sunderland 8/13 Match Review: 3 Men And A Baby

Liverpool FC’s season started off with an underwhelming result. A 1-1 draw with Sunderland was certainly not what King Kenny’s men had in mind. A point is a point nevertheless and we can’t complain too much, heck we could be in QPR’s position.

Match Review

This game was the quintessential tale of two halves. In the first half Liverpool had magic on in side, Suarez looked like he got that well deserved rest after his Copa America tournament. New boys Downing, Adam, Henderson, and Enrique all looked the part.

Suarez had a dream run with only green grass in-between him and the keeper early in the first half, until a Kieran Richardson impeded his run in the box and resulted in a PK. Should it have been a red card and a sending off? Was yellow adequate? We’ll either way you think, Suarez HAS to convert on the PK. Not converting on that chance would become costly.

Carroll had a quality smash into the goal that was probably called back due to a harsh decision, but that is how the cookie crumbles I suppose. Some of his headed ball efforts could have done with a little bit more accuracy, for this particular bloggers taste.

If Downing’s run is a sign of things to come, then sign me up, a solo run against the Black cats defense and a shot from his left foot smashes the crossbar. The crossbar is probably still seeing stars after Stuart’s shot, but if we want to write our name down in pen in the top 4, we’re going to have to convert these chances.

2nd Half.

What the hell happened during halftime? Did we think we had it in the bag? Did we suddenly get tired? Did they have a beer pong tournament in the changing room?

Missed passes, rash challenges, reliance on the miracle long ball were all significant problems for the Red men in the second half.

But I think that wasn’t the main problem, the main problem was similar to a film from 1987 starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson called 3 Men and a Baby.

Liverpool’s 3 men and a baby on the back line would be the men: Carragher, Agger, Enrique. And the baby would be young John Flanagan.

Let’s examine further

Was the goal against Reina Flanno’s fault? could he have been in a better position? Maybe, probably, but that’s what you’re going to get from starting a defender who only made his first team debut the month of March previous. He caught the same disease everyone else did during halftime, resulting in bad passes, rash challenges, and generally looking a little lost out there.

Carragher isn’t going to win any races against anyone, but for the most part played just enough to escape criticism on this occasion.

Enrique had only signed about 3 days previous to the match, and I can’t fault him for not knowing his teammates outside of a game on FIFA 11, but his story is the story of the match, looked pretty good in the first half, and once the second started the quality went down the toilet. Relying on miracle long balls to Carroll just doesn’t cut it. Please improve short passes to teammates as well.

Daniel Agger was the star (if you can call him that) on the back line on Saturday. If his brothers in defense could have played to the level of his quality, we may have nicked 2 extra points against Sunderland.

So what do we think our prospects against Arsenal are? Top players seem to be jumping off the ship like it is going out of style. I reckon if we can regain our first half form, and dig our heels in during the second half, we should walk away from the Emirates with 3 well deserved points. Come back soon to see the match review from that contest as well!

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