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Win The Shirt Off Our Back!

King Kenny has the mighty Reds in fine form lately winning at Arsenal for the first time in 11 years, and today putting 3 goals on Exeter in the second round of the Carling Cup to advance. Every Reds player talked about needing a strong start to the season to achieve a European place next season and it is coming to fruition.

So at is all about helping Liverpool FC fans around the world get the greatest gear in the world, so much so that we are literally giving you the shirt off our backs…..on one condition. Correctly predict the score (and the goal scorers) against the Bolton Wanderers and you will win a Liverpool FC T-shirt! (Size XL)

Contest Rules

1. One submission per person.
2. Contest entries must be made on this blog entry to be eligible.
3. Contest closes at first kickoff of the Liverpool FC vs Bolton Wanderers match.
4. You must pick the Final score for the match and who scores for Liverpool and what order they score in.
5. In the event that a tie-breaker is necessary, the entry that is submitted first will be the victor.

Good luck, and happy guessing all!

Kicking ’em When They’re Down.

Saturday is a big match for both Arsenal and Liverpool. Perennial premier league powers vying for a much coveted Champions league spot, but each are headed in different directions.

Where there is smoke there is fire. All is not well at the Emirates, top players either leaving or on their way out, promising new players getting red carded and missing multiple fixtures. Wenger is either not opening up the checkbook, or is not opening it wide enough for transfer targets to be swayed in Arsenals direction.

And you know what? To hell with them, would they feel sorry for us if the shoe was on the other foot? Absolutely not. So let the mighty Reds twist the knife a little in the backs of Gunner supporters and let them only have 1 point two weeks into the season. The hot seat for Mr. Wenger just got a little bit warmer if Liverpool can kick them when they’re down.


As all Liverpool fans and supporters know, as well as most football fans realize that we are constantly fighting for justice for the 96 fallen Reds. As I am not a UK resident, I cannot fill out this petition for the release of documents of the events at Hillsborough on that disastrous day. If you ARE a UK resident, please take the time to fill out this e-petition so that justice may one day be rightly served.


Kickoff Party Pictures!!

The first ever English Premier League Kickoff Party was a resounding success! Perfect weather, some old friends came by, some new ones made from people supporting other clubs around the world.

We all got together, and the big winners were the kids who are supported by Jamie Carragher’s own 23 foundation. Here are some of the accounts of the events!


A little excited there, Kyle?


DJ Shows us his good side


Glued to their seats


A lucky raffle winner


Yours truly (on the right) awarding the pub owner a Carragher autographed shirt for all his efforts


One excited Spurs fan who was quite vocal throughout the entire match viewing


Pretty good for a pub parking lot setup, no?


Almost game time.


LFC Seattle making the trek down to Tacoma, good to see you boys!


We tried hard to keep the Gunners supporters out


DJ keeping the adult beverages properly iced down 🙂


Can I write you a check for a setup like this?

We had a blast setting this event up for all those in attendance, and the big winners were the kids of course. Next years event is literally already in the works, and you had better not miss out on the 2nd Annual EPL Kickoff party!!

Follow me on twitter @AnfieldShopBlog and suggest me to your football loving friends! Keep checking the blog often, never know what you might miss!

Liverpool vs Sunderland 8/13 Match Review: 3 Men And A Baby

Liverpool FC’s season started off with an underwhelming result. A 1-1 draw with Sunderland was certainly not what King Kenny’s men had in mind. A point is a point nevertheless and we can’t complain too much, heck we could be in QPR’s position.

Match Review

This game was the quintessential tale of two halves. In the first half Liverpool had magic on in side, Suarez looked like he got that well deserved rest after his Copa America tournament. New boys Downing, Adam, Henderson, and Enrique all looked the part.

Suarez had a dream run with only green grass in-between him and the keeper early in the first half, until a Kieran Richardson impeded his run in the box and resulted in a PK. Should it have been a red card and a sending off? Was yellow adequate? We’ll either way you think, Suarez HAS to convert on the PK. Not converting on that chance would become costly.

Carroll had a quality smash into the goal that was probably called back due to a harsh decision, but that is how the cookie crumbles I suppose. Some of his headed ball efforts could have done with a little bit more accuracy, for this particular bloggers taste.

If Downing’s run is a sign of things to come, then sign me up, a solo run against the Black cats defense and a shot from his left foot smashes the crossbar. The crossbar is probably still seeing stars after Stuart’s shot, but if we want to write our name down in pen in the top 4, we’re going to have to convert these chances.

2nd Half.

What the hell happened during halftime? Did we think we had it in the bag? Did we suddenly get tired? Did they have a beer pong tournament in the changing room?

Missed passes, rash challenges, reliance on the miracle long ball were all significant problems for the Red men in the second half.

But I think that wasn’t the main problem, the main problem was similar to a film from 1987 starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson called 3 Men and a Baby.

Liverpool’s 3 men and a baby on the back line would be the men: Carragher, Agger, Enrique. And the baby would be young John Flanagan.

Let’s examine further

Was the goal against Reina Flanno’s fault? could he have been in a better position? Maybe, probably, but that’s what you’re going to get from starting a defender who only made his first team debut the month of March previous. He caught the same disease everyone else did during halftime, resulting in bad passes, rash challenges, and generally looking a little lost out there.

Carragher isn’t going to win any races against anyone, but for the most part played just enough to escape criticism on this occasion.

Enrique had only signed about 3 days previous to the match, and I can’t fault him for not knowing his teammates outside of a game on FIFA 11, but his story is the story of the match, looked pretty good in the first half, and once the second started the quality went down the toilet. Relying on miracle long balls to Carroll just doesn’t cut it. Please improve short passes to teammates as well.

Daniel Agger was the star (if you can call him that) on the back line on Saturday. If his brothers in defense could have played to the level of his quality, we may have nicked 2 extra points against Sunderland.

So what do we think our prospects against Arsenal are? Top players seem to be jumping off the ship like it is going out of style. I reckon if we can regain our first half form, and dig our heels in during the second half, we should walk away from the Emirates with 3 well deserved points. Come back soon to see the match review from that contest as well!

Season Prediction Time!

Time to put on your fortune telling hat, and predict Liverpool’s FC future for the 2011-2012 season.

I think that with the very recent signing of Enrique, it starts to solidfy the back line somewhat, and if we can bring in a quality CB or Striker, a top four finish looks all the more likely.

So, how do you think the season will pan out for King Kenny’s men? Ill go first.

Final table position: 4th secured in the last couple of weeks of the season having LFC fans biting their nails down to their wrists. Champions League here we come

Leading Liverpool Goal scorer: Andy Carroll. I think he will stay fit enough during the season to bang in 16-20 goals. Having Suarez and Downing draw attention from defenses won’t hurt his chances either.

Breakout Liverpool Player?: John Flannagan. His tenacity even in his young years will ensure he is on the path to becoming a Kop legend.

Biggest Liverpool Disappointment? Steven Gerrard. I only say this because I fear that groin problems may sideline him for more than we would wish. Viva captain fantastic!

Who wins the league? Sadly, I think a team from Manchester will, and whichever one doesn’t, surely finishes 2nd.

Who gets relegated? I think Blackburn, Wigan, and Swansea are all getting the pink slip back down to the championship

Overall Liverpool outlook? I think anything less than a 4th place position in the league would be a disappointment. Although if we are unfortunate to miss out on Champions league play, we must add to our silverware collection, as it is getting dusty since 2006. Even if it is the Oscar Meyer cup 🙂

What do you think? Am I crazy? Am I spot on? Give me your predictions whatever in the comments!


Got plans on Friday night? You do? Playing World of Warcraft and ordering pizza doesn’t count. So you don’t have any plans, why not come out and celebrate on Premier League Eve in style at the first ever Premier League Kickoff party at Doyle’s Public House presented by

Details are here.

Highlights include an 80 degree day, outdoor BBQ, drink specials, Giant outdoor screen showing the 2005 Champions league final, and the best part proceeds go to Jamie Carragher’s own 23 foundation.

See you on Friday at 7pm!!

Seven Short Days!!!

It is only SEVEN short days until Liverpool FC takes the safety off and starts off the new season under King Kenny Dalglish.

In honor of the last seven days before our first game against Sunderland, we will pay tribute to our current number seven: Luis Alberto Suarez

Mighty Reds fans only had about a half season with “El Pistolero.” Now we get to see what he can do during a full season, and some summer transfers that were brought in can only help extrapolate his immense footballing talents.


Enjoy nearly 3 minutes of some Suarez appreciation!

Here’s to hoping that the greatest number seven ever to wear a Reds kit can deploy Luis en route to player of the year honors!


Want to party with other like minded football fans to kick off the start of the English Premier League season? Well then you are in luck! In SIX short days is hosting an EPL kickoff party at THE home of soccer in the South Sound Doyle’s Public House We’ll have a raffle with autographed memorabilia, drink specials and be showing the 2005 UEFA champions league final on a giant outdoor screen!

Details here:

Running With Purpose

Jamie Carragher has run for the fans of Liverpool FC for North of a decade, And now all the fans can run for him.

On Sunday October 9th 2011 the city of Liverpool is having a marathon after an 18 year absence, and the only thing that is missing is YOU. Jamie Carragher’s 23 foundation is looking for a “team of Carragher’s” to exclusively benefit the people of Merseyside.

If you would like to take one of the 23 Foundation’s guaranteed places, please contact the marathon team at or on 0151 232 2417.