Weekly deal is here again!

The AnfieldShop.com weekly deal brings you discounts on the Liverpool FC gear that you can’t possibly live without. On the heels of the previous weekly deal which was an amazing King Kenny scarf we bring you the next discounted item your LFC swag collection is missing.


The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball is now discounted at 25% off of $14.00 which makes it only $10.50 USD. What can you buy for $10.50 these days? Not much, it hardly buys a slap in the face in most countries.

This indoor ball is perfect for a kick about in the backyard, schoolyard, or even your living room. Much softer than a regulation football it won’t crash through a window, knock over a TV, or even hurt your little niece or nephew instead bouncing right off. The ball takes air to become inflated, but is similar to a NERF type ball and has the greatest club crest in the world on it.

So capitalize on that one week of summer each year and pick up The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball and have a friendly game of football outside in the yard, or even at the beach. I personally have one of these and it is great fun for indoors and out.

Order yours today! 25% off won’t last forever.

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