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Weekly deal is here again!

The weekly deal brings you discounts on the Liverpool FC gear that you can’t possibly live without. On the heels of the previous weekly deal which was an amazing King Kenny scarf we bring you the next discounted item your LFC swag collection is missing.


The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball is now discounted at 25% off of $14.00 which makes it only $10.50 USD. What can you buy for $10.50 these days? Not much, it hardly buys a slap in the face in most countries.

This indoor ball is perfect for a kick about in the backyard, schoolyard, or even your living room. Much softer than a regulation football it won’t crash through a window, knock over a TV, or even hurt your little niece or nephew instead bouncing right off. The ball takes air to become inflated, but is similar to a NERF type ball and has the greatest club crest in the world on it.

So capitalize on that one week of summer each year and pick up The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball and have a friendly game of football outside in the yard, or even at the beach. I personally have one of these and it is great fun for indoors and out.

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Meet the Newest Reds

With the exception of the team that plays at Old Trafford, Liverpool FC has been seemingly been the most active Premier League team in the transfer window. We already met Jordan Henderson in an earlier blog, let’s meet all our additions since then.

Charlie Adam:
CharlieCharlie Adam has long been a LFC transfer target, a heavily rumored addition in the past January transfer window and beyond. The Blackpool captain could not save the Tangerines from relegation this past campaign with Blackpool only amassing 39 points and finishing 19th on the league table.

Blackpool being relegated was not Charlie Adam’s doing. Adam was tied for the clubs lead in goals in all competitions with 12 coming in the premiership and 1 coming in cup play. Here is the Adam bio in short

Full name: Charles Graham Adam
Nationality : Scottish
DOB: December 10th 1985
Previous club: Blackpool
Position: Midfielder, Set piece taker, penalty kick guru
Possible Liverpool FC role: Distributing midfielder possible missing Xabi Alonso link? Option 1-b set piece taker if Gerrard is not on the field.
Expected number of starts: 35+
Goal outlook: 10-12
Who does he replace in the current starting 11: Meireles? Lucas? Spearing? Too early to tell, but he probably has his starting place on lock at the start of the year

Stewart Downing:

Stewart Downing is the second Aston Villa winger to leave Villa Park with Ashley Young joining United earlier in the current transfer window. Stewart had long been a necessary addition for LFC. King Kenny desperately has needed improved wing play to stretch the field and improved crosses to the box, and Stewart brings that dimension to the field.

Aston Villa had a roller coaster season falling close to the relegation zone, and then putting all fears to rest with a run of good form with a couple of months of play left. Here is the bio:

Full name: Stewart Downing (Middle name is unknown?)
Nationality: English
DOB: July 22, 1984
Previous club: Aston Villa
Position: Left Winger, but capable of playing right
Possible Liverpool FC Role: Immediately improves wing play. Primary supplier to Carroll and Suarez
Expected number of starts: 35+
Goal forecast: 5-8
Who does he replace in the current starting 11: Maxi Rodgriguez? Dirk Kuyt? I think if he replaces Kuyt we can move him to his natural striking position.

Alexander Doni

Alexander Doni fills a need that current Liverpool goalies that are not Pepe Reina fulfill. A quality backup option with first team experience.

Reds fans may not be entirely familiar with Alexander Doni, but if fate deals us a cruel injury blow, Doni will be able to hold down the fort while Pepe recovers. He was the first team choice for Brazil in the 2007 Copa America and lead them to winning the tournament. bio:

Full name: Donieber Alexander Marangon
Nationality: Brazilian
DOB: October 22, 1979
Previous club: Roma
Position: Goalkeeper
Expected number of starts: Less than five
Goal forecast: Nil
Who does he replace in the starting 11: Nobody. Maybe gives Reina a rest a few times this year, but the less we see of him, the better.

Credit to for contributing.

What else do the boys from Merseyside still need? A center/left back? A backup striking option? In all likelihood deals for all these positions and more are probably in the works. Who do you prefer?

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The Weekly Deal Is Back!

After a brief hiatus, the weekly deal is back with a vengeance. 25% off awesome Liverpool FC items for the masses.

Need an excuse to add to your Liverpool FC scarf collection? Well here it is folks, 25% off our stellar King Kenny scarf.

If you can’t wear a different LFC scarf for every day of the month, you clearly do not have enough scarves in your wardrobe. Let this be the second, sixth, or twenty fifth addition, We won’t judge.

Kenny Dalglish has revitalized Liverpool FC as manager and you can pay tribute to him by wearing the scarf that bears his name, all for only $13.50 which is 25% off. One step above a five finger discount.

This scarf looks excellent on it’s own, but also pairs very nicely with the Red New Era Liverbird Ballcap for those crisp fall mornings that are fast approaching.

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You can only have one. Second edition.


On the eve of Liverpool FC kicking off their preseason, id thought id have another fun little game of “You can only have one”

First up

1. Spend a month as Liverpool striker Andy Carroll


2. Spend one night out on the town with Jessica Alba, or Brad Pitt (dealers choice)

Second question

1. Have a luxurious oceanside vacation home in either Hawaii, Belize, or Australia. All expenses paid, unlimited trips.


2. Have a studio apartment within spitting distance of Anfield, no amenities whatsoever.

What’ll it be?


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Once this milestone is reached we will have an epic giveaway of incalculable proportions, or maybe just another scarf and some stickers 🙂

Some great new items in the shop lately. Properly gear up in time for the new ’11-’12 LFC campaign, flags, scarves, hats, or posters! Check out ALL our new arrivals

A little piece of justice is proud to announce we now stock the Hillsborough Family Support Group Scarf.

HFSG Scarf

We don’t take a percentage out for ourselves, every single cent of the purchase prices goes DIRECTLY to the HFSG. It may only help a little, but don’t the families of the 96 deserve it? We think they do.

If you are looking for something more substantial, we also carry a JFT96 shirt. Also with ALL proceeds going to help the HFSG.

The boys are back in town!

Preseason training has begun for the boys from Merseyside! One of the more magnificent about the Premiership is that once you come to terms with your teams final standings, a new season begins!

Wednesday July 13th begins the new campaign for King Kenny’s soldiers. Hope is not in short supply, but some questions do need addressing before we kick the training wheels off.

#1. What is the deal with Charlie Adam? Blackpool’s hardball tactics are beginning to backfire on Karl Oyston

#2. Other positions need possible addressing as well: Defense, backup striker, and wings require attention.

#3. Can King Kenny stretch the lightning in a bottle he had for the second half of last season and stretch it out for the entire year?

#4. Can Agger, Aurelio, Gerrard, and the like stay fit for an entire season?

The boys are back. COME ON YOU REDS!!! The quest for number 19 begins now!

With the new season just around the corner be sure to check back often for new blogs, rants, and random musings that I will post up for every Liverpool FC fan to enjoy. As always follow the mothership site at where we have all your LFC needs covered.

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Shall we play a game?


Since there is no on-field action to discuss and break down with you all, id like to play a game. Let’s play: You can only have one or YCOHO for short.

The rules are:
1. You can only have one
2. You can’t have both
3. You can’t have neither

Here goes, You can only have one:
1. 12 goals from Steven Gerrard in the upcoming ’11-’12 premier league campaign
2. Load Wayne Rooney into a cannon, and shoot him into the English channel


1. Everton to finish Above Liverpool on the Premier league table
2. Having to give Alex Ferguson a sponge bath

Which will it be?

Expect more of these to come in the future, and the decisions will be become more and more difficult 🙂

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