Is it August yet?!?!


The season has been over for about 6 weeks now. So many great memories, it seems like just yesterday we were in Euphoria over Miereles’s goal against Chelsea, or maybe picking your jaw up off the floor from the record 35 million pound transfer fee that was paid for Andy Carroll.

Now that those memories are safely stored in your memory banks. How are you passing the time until Liverpool’s 11-12 campaign starts? Do you have other sports that you follow? Other passions/hobbies? Or maybe you just lie wishing that it could just be August, please?

I myself am moderately fortunate to live in the USA where the MLS season is in full swing. Yes I know that this league does not have world class play, but it does just enough to take the edge off until we are able to witness Suarez pass the ball around like it was on a string, or maybe Stevie G drop the hammer from outside the 18 and give us a lead once again. COME ON AUGUST!!


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