Gameday Rituals

Paint15 minutes before kickoff, you are frantically searching for your lucky Liverpool wristband. You search everywhere, you can’t find it. You ask your pals, your dog even if they have seen it, no luck.

You start to panic

You know if you can’t have it on by kickoff, Liverpool will lose by 5 goals, Anfield will crumble to the ground, and the entire city will be swallowed up by a massive sinkhole, and you will have to wait 6 more days with despair until the next Liverpool match.

You find the wristband in your pocket. ALL IS WELL The Reds will now win by at least 5 goals. Cause you know, the wristband is all powerful, do not question it, or look it in the eye 🙂

What are YOUR gameday rituals that must be competed to achieve match day greatness? A special meal? A tried and true shirt? sitting is a designated area?

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