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I’ve got a lot on my mind lately about our Liverpool FC, and I wanted to ask my loyal readers what you guys think, as you could provide some additional insight.

Question #1. Does Manchester United winning their 19th Premier league title matter?

My Answer: Well, yes and no. I think it doesn’t really matter for the fact that ManUTD and other top teams are having a down year, and they are by most people standards winning by not only having the most points, but mostly because nobody else can take advantage of their mediocre form since the holiday break. And with my rose colored glasses on, I think that Liverpool will become an immediate title contender next year, and tie things up at 19 🙂


Why It does matter? It’s because they can help us get into Europe if they can knock off some of the teams that we need to gain ground on for qualification. And if Getting into Europe next year means the Red Devils win the premiership, then I’m mostly okay with it.

Question #2 Can we still qualify for the Champions league?


My Answer: Absolutely yes! I am driving the dare to dream express, and I reserved a front row seat just for you! Yes I know the teams above us have to stumble, but have you seen our form lately? I don’t think anyone wants to play us right now, ESPECIALLY at Anfield

Question #3 Simple question, complicated answer. Where does Dirk Kuyt stand in terms of his Liverpool legacy?

I want to see your answers to the above questions in the comments below. Have a fantastic Tuesday night!

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