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Welcome to the brand new blog!

Welcome to the brand new blog! It’s so new that is still warm from the oven, and sprinkled with love.

This blog will follow all things associated with Liverpool FC, also what is happening on the main main page. In the future I may post special deals for readers of this blog, contests and/or trivia.

You can follow me on twitter @AnfieldShopBlog and email me at Also I will be at local area footy bars during LFC matches where fans of the blog will receive many high fives and fist bumps!

Familiar faces, familiar places.

Saturday is the clash of West Bromwich Albion vs Liverpool FC. Normally this wouldn’t be much of an eyebrow raising match, but there is a littleintrigue for the match at The Hawthorns.

Roy managed us to 13 wins 9 draws, and 9 losses in his particularly unspectacular term at LFC. The shortest term ANY manager has ever had at Merseyside.

Is Roy resentful toward LFC for how he was treated? Will he instruct his players to “ugly it up” ala Slaphot style? Does he think he could do the same job King Kenny is doing with the players we now have? I suspect Mr. Hodgson is classy enough individual to not give into these temptations. I will go on the record as to say I think he is a good manager, just not good enough for LFC and all the pressures it can bring.

Another bit of interest is to see if Steven Gerrard will be back on the pitch after groin surgery a little over a month ago. Can he lead us to victory against a team we should beat? Will this start our surge closer to the top 4 and ultimately a champions league spot next season?

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @AnfieldShopBlog where I will be tweeting during the match, and give you my instant first half and full time 5 word reviews. Until then!

YNWA Y’all!