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Transfer Window Please End! Weekend Bonus: Free Pin with Every Order

It’s times like these when I wonder what the transfer window looked like before twitter.  We had to shut ourselves off for the weekend as the Torres in/out Suarez in/out sagas reached a fever pitch.

This weekend we’re offering a sale to all of our customers.  We’re calling it the LFC Solidarity Sale.  Every order gets a free pin of your choice.  Include a note during your checkout as to which pin you’d like.

It’s a great day to be a Liverpool FC Fan

There are some days where it’s hard being an LFC fan on the other side of the globe.  There are the early morning games, the weird looks when you try and explain football is football and not soccer.  But then there are days when the team you love and follow has their swagger back.  That day is today.

I was personally never a fan of Roy Hodgson.  His tactics were all about defensive football….and that never really was Liverpool Football.  I feel bad for him…but I think it was inevitable.  Bringing King Kenny back was an absolute inspired choice…and I hope it lasts as long as possible.

Was very excited to catch all 3 points from last week’s match.  We’ve not given up on this season, nor has any other LFC fan out there….Let’s keep the swagger going.

It’s Merseyside Derby Weekend!

Well the stage is set.  Dalglish.  Anfield.  Merseyside Derby.  Bring it on.

We’re off to Doyle’s Pub in Tacoma to sell some #LFC swag and meet fellow Seattle Scousers.  Please stop in for a pint, talk some footy, and hopefully watch the Reds take down the Blues.  We’ll be there at 0800!

What a difference a week makes!

Just realized that it’s been about a week since our last post.  In that time we’ve got a new (old) Manager in Kenny Dalglish.  He’s a hero to myself and thousands of other LFC fans.  When’s the last time a player-manager was so successful in any team?

The loss to Man Utd in the FA Cup was tough…but there was a renewed passion in the players that made it fun to watch.

In other news, we received a massive shipment of framed Liverpool merchandise today.  This is extremely exciting as tough as it is to get things overseas, it’s almost prohibitively expensive to get framed items as they are heavy and fragile.  But we found a way 🙂  Below are some of the items we just added to

January Trivia Contest!

Liverpool FC Mr. Potato Head

Here is your chance to win a free Liverpool FC Mr. Potato Head (a $32 value). All you have to do is answer the following question correctly:

Outside the ground, in the corner of the Kop and the Centenary Stand, is a flagpole that was formerly a mast on a ship. What was the name of the ship?

Send your answers to A winner will be chosen randomly from the correct answers. The contest closes on January 15th at 11:59PM PST. Open to all US & Canadian customers.