Official Liverpool Supporters Club Halifax

Name: OLSC Halifax
Matchday Meeting Point: Durty Nelly's
Contact: Steven Kempton (Club Sec), Chris Perkins (Club Chair)

What they’re about

Canada’s newest OLSC, LFC Halifax Is the rallying point for all passionate Reds supporters in the Maritimes! Started in 2017, and established as a Gold-level Official Liverpool Supporters Club in 2018, LFC Halifax now has 129 members with over 600 hundred followers on Facebook. 

Memorable Moments

The Champions’ League victory over Tottenham: Nearly 70 LFC Halifax supporters packed an antique red double decker bus for a pre-match pub crawl, and then joined another 200 Reds at our host pub for an unforgettable win. The owner of the coffee shop one floor below the pub came up to see what was going on – he thought the ceiling in his cafe was going to collapse! Our LFC Ugly Sweater Christmas Party has quickly become a great tradition and our main event to raise money for local charities. Several members have travelled to Anfield through LFC Halifax, the most recent was the 2-0 win over Sheffield United on January 2nd … who knew it would be the last match for a while we’ll be able to see in person at Anfield? 

Match Day Breakfast

Durty Nelly’s has a fantastic Full Irish fry-up! Definitely sets you up for the full 90, not to mention a pint of Propellor Brewing Co.’s “Jurgen Hopp” beer, specially brewed for LFC Halifax and available on tap only at Durty Nelly’s!! 

Favorite LFC Moment 

“Corner taken quickly – ORIGI!!” – THAT goal, THAT comeback. Over a year later we can watch the highlights and still get goosebumps. YNWA was sung with extra gusto that night! 

Written by LFC Halifax.

Interested in finding out more about LFC Halifax or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for Matchday Meeting point and give them a shout on social! 

Official Liverpool Supporters Club Delaware – Lockdown edition

We recently caught up with Official Liverpool Supporters Club Delaware to find out what life in lockdown has been like for them and the OLSC.

How have you as a group managed to stay together during this time? 

It’s been a challenge to stay connected to everybody, we’ve had 3 distinct groups – those who have been reluctant to join the virtual calls, those who joined at the beginning and dropped off, and then a core group of folks who have stayed with us. The core group has been quite engaged and have been able to support each other through this time. 

We did see a drop off in the number of people who have been reading the bulletin we send out and in the number of people who have engaged on social media. That has started to change in the last week, as everyone is starting to get excited about the Premier League coming back.

It’s been tough for many of our members, some have lost parents to Covid19, some have seen their businesses fail and others have found themselves looking for work. We’ve tried to support folks as best we can. Publicizing some local businesses (and those of our friends like the Anfield Shop)

What has the OLSC gained from the experience?

The core group definitely knows more about each other now. We’ve talked about what’s challenging, how we are managing through these times and we definitely know more about what each other does outside of supporting Liverpool.

We settled on meeting twice a week, a short check in midweek and a longer happy hour/watch party on Friday. We had a few guests along the way – John and Craig from the Anfield Wrap and Chris Perkins who wrote ‘Let’s Talk About Six’.

We can cheer each other up at any point with Barcelona highlights and our 3 minute video from our pub at last year’s Champions League Final.

We’ve had a few quizzes, although I think they can be a bit divisive. We had a quiz night at the start and the questions were really hard for folks who have joined us in recent years – turns out Jari Litmanen is not very well known by many of our supporters. We settled for using random multiple choice questions as part of the regular meetings, rather than have a full blown quiz night. Small doses of questions

Actually found watching a few highlights/documentaries to be more fun – helping some of us remember and others the chance to learn about our incredible, and at times painful, history.

Are you still connected with your OLSC bar?

We are – we raised some money for staff laid off during the pandemic.  We raised money online with help from a signed, framed James Milner shirt from the Carragher Foundation. They are open for takeout – we’ve encouraged people to do that, and now that they’ve opened at 30%, there’s an option to watch the matches there for a small group of fans.

We also donated some money to our local Food Bank as we weren’t able to do our usual food collections.

Tell us about your OLSC podcast? What triggered that? How did you choose guests?

Got to issue a health warning – it isn’t an OLSC activity, as that might imply that we are speaking for the club.

We had the idea before the lockdown as there were a few folks who were particularly prominent in some of the FB chatter – but it wasn’t obvious how we would do it. As I became a full time Zoom user at the start of lockdown, I figured we could easily record our conversations over Zoom. We had a long list of things we wanted to talk about, but we’ve landed on a format which basically sees us interview a guest or guests about their Liverpool experience, we look at what’s trending on our FB page and other topics that we’ve read about in the previous week. Given that format, we are now trying to book guests a few weeks out criteria has become, you have a Liverpool story that we are interested to hear – quite broad but Supporters Clubs, shop owners, writers and broadcasters have unique stories.

I think we’ll probably change the format once football comes back, it will be exciting to see what we can do with the format.

We had Alisha, Simon Hughes (writer at the Athletic), James Martin (writer for Fans Footy Corner), this week Craig and Neil from the Wrap, and some great people from supporters clubs around the US (Haitham, Amy Kate, Roy and Darren), as well as some members of our own club and my mate Chris from Liverpool.

If you are interested in being on an upcoming show, or want to know more, reach out to them at

Written by OLSC Delaware.

#RedTogether Campaign

Anfield Shop is proud to present the #RedTogether campaign and we want YOU to get involved! We are hoping to create a video featuring Reds from across North America demonstrating that although we are alone, we are alone together. Want to take part? Here’s how:

  1. Take a selfie video of you “getting passed” your favorite LFC shirt from another Red on the RIGHT side of the camera
  2. Show your shirt to the camera, and then “pass it on” to the next Red on your the LEFT side
  3. Shirts should be “passed to you” OFF screen and be “passed on” OFF screen. Please grab and pass your shirt in the towards the centre of the screen.
  4. Videos should be around 5-8 second long. 
  5. Submit your video here:

Below is a demo video for reference from Anfield Shop James. When we have all entries, the video will show Reds passing their favorite shirts to one another.


Who: Liverpool vs Manchester United
Where: Anfield Stadium
When: Sunday, 19th January, 11:30am ET
Where Can I Watch?, NBC Sports Live, NBCSN (TV/Cable/Satellite), LFCTV GO (Radio/Audio Stream) 

Liverpool will look to maintain their lead at the top of the Premier League table this weekend as they take on Manchester United at Anfield on Sunday. Be prepared for the game by the numbers:

1: Manchester United is the only time this season that we have “dropped points” to, drawing 1-1 at Old Trafford in October 2019.

2: Liverpool defender Neil Ruddock once broke both of United forward Andy Cole’s legs in a reserve match. Razor.
3: Liverpool trio Fabinho, Matip and Dejan Lovren are set to return in time for the game this Sunday. BOOST. 

3: Paul Ince, Peter Beardsley and Michael Owen have all played for both Liverpool and Manchester United. Beardsley scored 46 for Liverpool and 0 for United and Owen scored 118 goals for Liverpool and just 5 for United. Paul Ince did score 9 more goals for United than during his time at Liverpool, but played 141 more games. 

11: Liverpool have won all 11 of their home fixtures at Anfield this season, and are on course to become the first side in Premier League history to win 19 consecutive (carried over from 18/19). 

14: Liverpool have conceded just 14 goals this season, the fewest in the Premier League. 

20: Liverpool have won 20 of their opening 21 fixtures in the Premier League this season. 

35: The cities of Liverpool and Manchester are both located in the North West of England, and are roughly 35 miles (56km) apart.

38: Liverpool are currently unbeaten in 38 Premier League games. 

61: With Saturdays win over Tottenham, Liverpool reached 61 points. This is a Premier League record after just 21 matches. 

100: Manchester United Legend Sir Matt Busby made 100 appearances for Liverpool. 


Name: OLSC Orange County
Matchday Meeting Point: The Auld Dubliner, Tustin CA
Contact: Hendy Kusumadilaga – Chairman

Social Handles
Facebook Group – OLSC Orange County

What they’re about
We are a family group for Liverpool FC supporters to stay connected and come together to support our club and each other. We get together for all matches at The Auld Dubliner in Tustin, Ca. The family is there for each and every match of the season no matter the time of day.

Our group started out as LFC Orange County in 2012 when we used to meet at the now defunct London Pub in Costa Mesa. A couple of our founding members were bartenders at this place and they were able to convince the boss to allow a bunch of their “soccer” buddies in to watch matches early in the morning. There, among good friends and bad burritos, we formed our local Red family!

After a couple of years our group grew stronger but unfortunately The London Pub did not see the same success. We had to find a new home for our growing family. Then we found the luck of the Irish at The Auld Dubliner in Tustin, CA. This pub was much bigger than our previous home and the staff have always been very accommodating with doors open even for our 4am kick offs.

Now after 7 years our group is over 700 members strong. We have 200-300 core members who come to the pub regularly to watch matches together. With so many members and so much activity through the year we could not hold it together without the help of the committee. With our Treasurer Jairo keeping all the funds safe and our two Secretaries Yuki and Regina helping the Chairman Hendy with the social media duties, OLSC OC is there for local Reds.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagam, and our own website at

We have The California Kop where we all stand for the match and sing all the songs from our sacred grounds plus a few of our own. There’s nothing like a good sing song with the family to kick up the atmosphere. Predawn kick offs don’t bother our seriously obsessed supporters who support The Mighty Reds. No. Matter. What.

If you are ever in Orange County on match day then be sure to join us at the pub! You’ll be more than welcome to join us any time and you are sure to make new friends in our family. YNWA

Memorable Moments
We’ve had many memorable moments together like our yearly Bar B Que on the beach in the summer and our holiday party in the winter. We have fun playing Fifa tournaments and real life footy tournaments in the Pub Cup too. There has definitely been lots of fun had by all during a few road trips and party busses. One of the most memorable moments is following the team while they were on their California tour a few years back. Lots of fun at many events up and down the coast!

Match day Breakfast 
Match day breakfast will vary at our pub depending on the time of day. For the super early matches before dawn we don’t bother to wake up the cook. We just bring donuts for the coffee. If the match starts after 8 am then there is a good chance the cook is awake and you can get yourself a nice little breakfast butty. If you are really lucky and the rice is cooked, then you can have yourself the best Hawaiian Loco Moco served in an Irish Pub! Mmm!

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club
Our family has been lucky enough to witness some truly amazing LFC moments together over the years. We’ve seen incredible goals go in for us and against us. We’ve seen truly talented players come and go. We’ve seen titles and trophies come within reach and fall through our fingers. Through it all the best thing about OLSC Orange County is sharing it all with our local Reds! But of course, having 500+ family members celebrating the Champions League victory together is pretty priceless as well.

Written by LFC Orange County.

Interested in finding out more about LFC Orange County or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Social Handles
Facebook Group – OLSC Orange County


Name: LFC Boston
Matchday Meeting Point: The Phoenix Landing, Cambridge, MA – Our additional viewing space is The Phoenix Landing at Sonia (around the corner from the Phoenix Landing)

Social handles 

What they’re about:
In the autumn of 2006, our founding members began collecting the email addresses of Liverpool FC supporters who were meeting at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, MA for Liverpool games. From that email list, grew LFC Boston.

On October 20, 2007 LFC Boston held its first Annual General Meeting and elected seven members to the Committee. Each person on the Committee was elected to a position and had specific responsibilities related to establishing LFC Boston as an Official Supporters Club.

In 2008, LFC Boston was granted official status by Liverpool Football Club’s Association of International Branches (AIB). LFC Boston wrote a constitution in line with the requirements of being granted official status and it was ratified by the founding Committee on July 30, 2009.

Memorable Moments: 
As most supporter’s club will tell you these days, the 2019 Champions League Final has got to the be the highlight of any supporter or any LFC Supporters Club. It was a lot of work on behalf of our committee and volunteers to arrange a great day at The Phoenix Landing for anyone who wanted to join us. We have a small place to watch, so managing RSVPs, VIPs, and the expectations of visitors was a tough task. But luckily, the lads in Madrid took care of all the excitement, and the result was nothing short of pure enjoyment. 

Prior to that match, some of us were actually at the LFC vs. Barcelona match in Liverpool. And that obviously can be described in short order: one of the most defining moments in recent LFC history. To say you were at Anfield for that glorious evening will be something told for generations. The constant pandemonium and joy throughout the evening will live forever in the minds of our LFC Boston supporters who were lucky enough to attend.

Match day Breakfast: 
What’s a breakfast at an Irish pub without a proper classic Cork Breakfast? But everyone has their own take on it, but as long as a smooth pint is accompanied, everyone seems to be happy. 

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
There are matches to reminisce, and parties to recall, but the highlight of our club every year is when we can all come together and support our local community. We have several fundraising opportunities throughout the year, and our members are always eager to pitch in for a worthy cause. From organizing soccer tournaments, to donations during the holidays, we are always most proud our ability to give back to the area we gather to as a LFC family.

Written by LFC Boston.

Anfield Shop James was lucky enough to spend some time with the group from OLSC Boston. Head over to our Instagram page and check out our highlight tab for more images and videos. Anfield Shop Instagram.

Interested in finding out more about LFC Boston or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!



Name: Official Liverpool Supporters Club Atlanta
Nickname: LFC Atlanta
Matchday Meeting Point: Fado Irish Pub, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
Contact: Stu Brennan & Michael Crump – Co Chairmen.  Email at

Social Handles

What they’re about:
LFC Atlanta was founded in 2008 and became an official group in 2013.  We started from a small group that used to meet regularly for LFC games when one day we said why don’t we start a supporter’s group?!  We are the southeast’s oldest and largest Premier League supporters’ group with well over 200 members each season.

Memorable Moments: 
When we started the group, we could only dream about hosting former Liverpool players. Since then we’ve been fortunate to have the following legends visit us for a game and usually a round of golf in Atlanta – Roy Evans, Ronnie Whelan, Phil Neal & Steve Nicol (at the same time), Bruce Grobbelaar and Alan Kennedy. 

We did a charity event with St. Baldrick’s when we hosted former manager Roy Evans.  People get sponsors and have their heads shaved for charity.  Roy was the guest barber that day – who can say they’ve had an ex LFC Manager shave their head?  We try to get one legend to visit each season.

Many of our members have gone on tour with LFC when they’ve visited the US and while they have never stopped by in Atlanta, we’ve always had a good representation travel to other parts of the US to see them.  We’ve also had members make their way to Anfield to see the mighty Reds and when they do, they share their pics with us so we can share with everyone else on our website here

We’ve been fortunate to be able to send donations to many charities across the years. Last year we raised over $1,000 during our Christmas raffle and donated that to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  We wanted to mirror the efforts of supporters in Liverpool back home by supporting such a great cause locally. We try and give back as much as possible each season.  Other charities we are involved in are LFC Foundation, Soccer in the streets (local), Jamie Carragher 23 Foundation and St. Baldrick’s (local mentioned above).

At the beginning of the 2018/2019 season, we moved our home pub to Fado Buckhead, which is Atlanta’s largest and most well-known football bar which suits us perfectly!  Our Champions League final watch party was at capacity of close to 1,000.  We were fortunate to have the short film we made that day be selected by LFC as the best in the world!  Many of our Atlanta supporters were featured and saw themselves in the global short film the club produced of supporters all over the world.  We have a replica (full size) Champions league trophy which we lifted together with Hendo and the team after the win in Madrid – amazing memories for everyone! 

Match day Breakfast: 
Depends on the day, Irish or American Breakfast or a bacon & egg butty.  If it’s going to be a long day or a recovery from a late night before, then the “Russell Belcher special” is the go-to!   Russell, like Fado Buckhead, is himself an Atlanta legend!  It’s an off menu a la carte item – bacon (Irish), egg, beans (Heinze UK) and chips (fries). Not the most glamorous but lays the perfect foundation for a big game!

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
First has to be Istanbul in 2005.  It’s prior to LFC Atlanta, but memorable for obvious reasons! 

Two occurred with the same person scoring, Divock Origi!  The first was when he put in the header against Everton.  At the time, the Atlanta Everton group were at the same pub and they were absolutely crushed by it (they have moved to another pub this season J).  The second was the Origi goal that sealed our 6th “Big Ears”.  

Written by LFC Atlanta

Anfield Shop James wanted to squeeze this guy in here too. Taken at The Phoenix Landing, home of LFC Boston, on the Liverpool US tour this summer.

Interested in finding out more about LFC Atlanta or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Social Handles


Name: Official Liverpool Supporters Club New York 
Nickname: LFCNY
Match day Meeting Point: We have many locations dependent on where you are. See below.

11thStreet Bar, 510 East 11thStreet, NY, NY 10009 (Main location)
The Grafton,  126 1stAve, NY, NY 10009
The Mad River, 1442 3rdAve, NY, NY 

The Monro, 481 5thAve, Brooklyn, NY 11215

The Shillelagh Tavern, 47-22 30thAve, Long Island City, NY, 11103

Mickey Spillane’s, 431 White Plains Road, Eastchester, NY

Long Island:
The Prost Bar and Grill, 652 Franklin Ave, Garden City 

New Jersey:
The Cottage Bar, 178 Cedar Lane, Teaneck NJ 
The Nottingham Tavern, 9 Mercer Street, Hamilton Township, NJ

Contact: The Official Liverpool Supporters Club of New York is run by a volunteer committee of 10 dedicated Liverpool fans performing various roles up to and including: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Bar Liaison, Social media and Events Coordinator. The best way to contact us is through our President’s office:


What they’re about:
Our initial days of watching LFC in New York required early starts, reliable satellite systems and reliable bar owners (no tv coverage). Having found a bar that was 1) open as advertised and 2) could acquire the satellite signal, the matchday experience usually involved loud, boorish cockneys and ten-a-penny non-manc and  mancs.

It was against this backdrop that the need for LFC supporters to come together was realized and at the start of the 1995/6 season, Liverpool Football Club Supporters Club, New York (LFCNY) was born. At the first meeting, in Cleary’s on Third Avenue and 33rd Street, Dave Brenner, Paul Dackombe and Sean Woods were duly elected to run the club. Daragh Kennedy took on the role of club president, in our inaugural year.

It was important to establish ourselves in a bar that was not only welcoming of the revenue but supportive of our goals to provide access to the match and to other Liverpool supporters. We wandered in the desert for a few years until we reached the Promised Land – 11th St Bar. The formative years also saw the production of a literally hand produced fanzine “25th of May” (our homage to The Glory That Was Rome 1977, and in Sean’s opinion, LFC’s greatest moment; it was also a match attended by Dave, Paul and Sean long before they ever met in New York).

The other staple of club membership, or hook, was a free LFCNY t-shirt when you signed up. These shirts became sought after items around the globe. In Baltimore for the pre-season against Spurs this summer, we bumped into a lady from Connecticut wearing the iconic Brenner-Burge-Deakin white-on-red NY skyline design from over 10 years ago. The banner was another milestone in the club’s identity and it has been proudly displayed throughout North America and Europe.

The club has admirably moved with the times – online, social media, podcasts, merchandise, etc. Many, many dedicated reds have donated time, effort and money to keep it going. You are all sons and daughters of Shankly. We are continually moved by the ecstatic highs and tragic lows that are inextricably woven into the fabric of the great Liverpool Football Club; we have raised funds for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and the Hillsborough to Anfield Run, participated in the overthrow of Hicks and Gillett as well as Steve Cohen and built strong relationships with Reclaim The Kop (John Mackin) and Spirit of Shankly (the late Paul Rice). We have also become very involved in the community and have led many food and coat drives, and raised money for a local soccer club, Downtown Soccer Club, which provides youngsters in New York’s poorer neighborhoods, an opportunity to play football at no expense to them or their families.

We urge everyone to ensure our tradition of support and activism continues

Memorable Moments:
Some of the most memorable moments have come when Legends have come to the 11thSt Bar and shared stories of yesteryear’s when all our troubles seemed so far away. 

Many have leant their support (and muscle) in helping deliver donated canned food to the local food pantry  

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
The amount of memories that have been created at the 11thStreet Bar are far too many to count. From Istanbul to Madrid, from FA Cup glory to the runs that were made in 13-14 and this past year 18-19. Each person who walks into one of our bars has their own personal experience that is shared by the most passionate fans in the greater New York area. The first time you go to the 11thStreet Bar and sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in a packed bar brings an emotional response even from the most hardest of fans. For those 90 minutes or so, the outside world is forgotten, and you walk into a place where the only thing that matters is the color shirt your wear, the scarf on your neck and what songs you will be signing throughout the match. There is something unique about being a Liverpool supporter and each Liverpool supporter will give you their own reasons for being one. Why they are there is not important, what is important is being there, experiencing it and cheering for your club, our club because this means more. 

Written by LFC NY.

Interested in finding out more about LFCNY or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!