Name: OLSC Madison
Match day Meeting Point: Nomad World Pub [Madison], 418 E WILSON STREET MADISON, WI

What they’re about:
Formed unofficially back in 2013. Our once small group has now grown into a huge group of dedicated Reds (especially considering Madison’s size), that we were able to make it “official” this year. We’ve had a few different homes through the years but feel great about our awesome current pub, a dedicated soccer bar called Nomad (who we’re proud to say have one of Milner’s goals playing on repeat on their “futbol” homepage), located just off the main square that surrounds the Capitol Building in downtown Madison. We have a full board of 9 who drive Community Outreach, Fundraising, Media, and Events.

Memorable Moments:
We’ve had some ups and downs since we began. 13/14 was our first season together and we grew rapidly. Everything seemed perfect as we headed into the home stretch but it wasn’t to be… After Rodgers, Klopp has given us plenty to cheer about but our most memorable moments, biggest crowds for finals, have ultimately resulted in runners-up medals but the excitement and drama surrounding the journey to those finals has improved with each one and we hope this season doesn’t disappoint!

We’ve taken road trips, most recently meeting in Michigan, Ann Arbor, for the pre-season against United which was incredible, just under 110 thousand people, most of whom were Reds filling out the Big House! The Anfield Wrap and Boss Night were in Detroit too which made it a fabulous weekend to enjoy with fellow Reds across North America, and beyond.
A few members have been fortunate enough to make the pilgrimage to Anfield for a game or two and while they’re there they’ve been able to find our LFC Madison Forever Stone in the Shankly section outside the Main Stand.

Match day Breakfast:
Coffee, Pints, Mamosa Pitchers and Bloody Marys! Wisconsin do a bloody good bloody Mary! Food is also available… 🙂

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
For us, the Champions League Final was a huge turnout of fans, a capacity pub, filled wall to wall with Liverpool Supporters (I counted just 5 Madrid fans and some “neutrals”) plus countless stories of other bars around town being packed full of Reds as well so Mane’s goal nearly blew the windows out but the wind was well and truly knocked out of our sails come the full time whistle but there have been other huge days to remember. The City and Roma games last season were incredible, Allez Allez Allez rung out around the bar and that atmosphere has followed on into this season. I have never seen a bar go off quite like we went off after Origi scored at 90 +6 against Everton… that was just beyond words! Lastly, we had a really great time producing a number of videos for the club so that we could be featured in their new OLSC montage which was so cool to see up there on the official LFC site – even though they only used 2 seconds of our 8 hours of content!

Written by Bryn (OLSC Madison President).

Interested in finding out more about LFC Madison or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!



Official Liverpool Supporters Club Spotlight: LFC San Diego

Official Liverpool Supports Club (OLSC) Spotlight: San Diego

Name: Official Liverpool Supporters Club San Diego
Match day Meeting Point: Princess Pub & Grille 1665 India St, in downtown San Diego.
Contact: Steven McGlynn (Founder & Head), Lisa Gaffney (Group Administrator), Jason Keckley (Social Media Manager), Tracy Rojas (Website Manager)

Twitter: @TheLFCSD
Facebook: THELFCSD
Instagram @TheLFCSD

What they’re about:
I’ve been told the best place to start is from the beginning. The group only originally existed because I didn’t want to watch matches alone.  Seems simple but I just enjoy watching matches with other people.  There was no bigger plan than that.  When I lived in San Jose we used to watch matches at O’Flaherty’s and Flames.  When I lived in San Antonio, TX I used to drive up every once in a while to Austin to watch with the group there at Cuatros and eventually Fado’s.  When I moved to San Diego from San Antonio in December 2013, there was no group but watching by myself wasn’t the same so I decided to start one myself. I met Justin Isaac at Shakespeare’s Pub which has been an incubator for most of the groups in town.  We went to different bars and talked to strangers to let them know who we were.  We stopped random people on the street wearing LFC gear and let them know to like our Page. We did the ground work to help start building a community.  Once I felt comfortable that we would have at least a dozen people show up, I reached out to Dave Evans at Princess Pub.  Both Dave and Gerry Kenny are Scousers so they were interested in seeing if we could get something going here.  He agreed to open on March 1st2014 for our first match.  13 people showed up that day and Liverpool Football Club won 3-0.  Success in my book at the time!  On March 30thLFC Los Angeles & LFC Orange County decided to help our cause and packed a bus with about 75 people to drive down and christen our new pub and our new group.  Liverpool Football Club beat Spurs 4-0 that day.  One of the best memories we have from that first season!

We ended up going 9-1-1 in the final 11 matches of that season. By the 11thmatch we had 100 people show up. Although we’ve had a few away matches watching with other groups at other Pubs, Princess Pub is home. Attendance had its ebbs and flows over the next couple of seasons.  But we kept pushing for it to be consistently well-attended.  Eventually we were able to build a group of core regulars and foster some great relationships.  The atmosphere now is 2ndto no other Pub I’ve been to. We now average 125 people per match.  For our biggest matches we are at capacity and they must manage the door.  If we were to win the league this year and I was given a free ticket to attend the last match against Wolves at Anfield I would turn it down in order to watch with the crew at Princess Pub.  There is just no where else I’d want to be.

Although we had humble beginnings as just a few people who wanted to get together early in the morning and watch football, we’ve become a lot more since.  We have raised money and donated to a dozen charitable causes in our community and in the Liverpool community.  It’s hard to count them all at this point.  We also helped put together holiday charity socials in our city or participated in the Southern California holiday socials to raise money.  We’ve hosted Alan Kennedy (who actually also attended a match day with us), Ronnie Whelan and Steve Heighway.  We also joined LA, Pasadena & OC in welcoming the 5 Times group to Los Angeles. We’ve gone on the road for three summers for the International Champions Cup friendlies in Chicago, Boston, NY, Charlotte, Ann Arbor, Pasadena, Santa Clara, Seattle, etc.  We won the worldwide Junior Membership Competition this season.  We do have a family-friendly atmosphere.


We became an “Official Supporters Club” at the beginning of the 2015/2016 season.  We were part of LFC California as an OLSC before that, but each of the groups grew big enough that we split into SD, LA, OC, Pasadena, etc.

It’s hard to say how many “members” we have since we never wanted to have an “Official Membership” to join.  We always felt that if you come down to the Pub, watch with us, drink with us, and sing with us, then you were one of us.  That was what the group is made for from the start.  There is 500+ members of our private Facebook group. We do not allow anyone who is not in San Diego to join the private Facebook group.  (There are exceptions for people from the early days of the group page before this policy existed, and for our sister groups like AZ, LA, Pasadena & OC who visit often or who we visit.)  I’ve taken a lot of guff for this philosophy & policy, but it was honestly one of the best decisions we’ve made about this Club.  Our group is one of the most positive I’ve seen.  There isn’t trash talking or anything getting out of control because knowing that you live in the same city as the other supporters and are going to see them on weekends to watch, drink and sing with, makes everything much more personal.

Memorable Moments:
Fourteen of us from LFCSD went over to Anfield February 2018 to watch Liverpool Football Club beat West Ham 4-1!  We sat in the KOP together and sang as loud and as long as we could.  We know the stigma of day trippers so we made sure to add to the atmosphere as much as we can.  We even learned a couple of songs we took back with us.  We were there for the entire weekend and hit every place we’ve ever heard about, or were directed to, from other supporters.  We did the stadium tour the following day.  It was more than we could have imagined.  We were interviewed by The Anfield Wrap on their Traveling KOP segment.  After the match we got on the Fan segment of Redmen TV and properly called Andy Robertson as MOM.  All of us being huge fans of both TAW and Redmen TV, this was a huge thrill for us.

Match Day Breakfast: 
Their Fish & Chips have won Best in San Diego. Once a year the Pub makes Scouse from scratch for International Scouse Day. But what WE know them for is the Pozole.  You wouldn’t think a Scouse Pub would be known for their Mexican soup, but it’s true.  I am too nervous to eat anything on match days.  So, the only time I eat is when we are up by 3 goals.  When this occurs there is a running joke about me getting my bacon, egg & cheese sandwich. No matter what you eat, it goes very well with a Carlsberg or San Diego’s own Merseyside Red.  We’ve brewed that beer with a few different Micro Brewers here in town just for our club.  But be aware if you are out here that they can’t serve booze until after 6:00am. Makes the first half of those 4:30am matches a bit nervy without a beer to calm you down!

No matter what you order, it will arrive promptly from a short blonde who might be the most important part of every match day. Her name is Liz Hagen and she gets up at the crack of dawn every week for the last 6 seasons to take care of our rowdy crew in the back room.

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
There’s been many incredible moments to be with this Supporters Club.  It’s too hard to pick the greatest, so I’ll give you one of the best most recent ones. Origi scoring off the crossbar in the 96thminute.  It’s the kind of tension over 90 min that makes the air thick inside the small confines of the Princess Pub.  But the release after that ball crosses the line was indescribable.  The roof nearly came off.  Glasses were smashed.  Chairs were broken.  Tables were danced on.  But maybe my favorite was that there was so many of us there an hour after the final whistle singing at the top of our lungs still.  Almost like we didn’t want that moment to end.



Written by Steven McGlynn (Founder & Head).

Interested in finding out more about LFC New Haven or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Princess Pub & Grille
1665 India St, in downtown San Diego.

Twitter: @TheLFCSD
Facebook: THELFCSD
Instagram @TheLFCSD

By The Numbers: Manchester United (A)

Who: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Where: Old Trafford (Manchester United)

When: Sunday, 24th February, 9:05am ET

 Where Can I Watch?, NBC Sports Live

NBCSN (TV/Cable/Satellite)

LFCTV GO (Radio/Audio Stream)


Considered to be one of the biggest rivalries in world soccer along with the old firm derby, Superclasico and El Clasico, Liverpool will head to Old Trafford this weekend to take on an in-form Manchester United side.

Be prepared for the game by the numbers:

2: Liverpool defender Neil Ruddock once broke both of United forward Andy Cole’s legs in a reserve match. Razor.

3: Paul Ince, Peter Beardsley and Michael Owen have all played for both Liverpool and Manchester United. Beardsley scored 46 for Liverpool and 0 for United and Owen scored 118 goals for Liverpool and just 5 for United. Paul Ince did score 9 more goals for United than during his time at Liverpool, but played 141 more games.

5: In their last five meetings with Manchester United, Liverpool hold a record of 1-1-3 (W, L, D). The last time the two sides met in the Premier League was at Anfield on 16th December with the game finishing 3-1 to Liverpool.

6: Out of all defenders in the Premier League, Andrew Robertson is currently top with assists (6) through the 18/19 season.

17: Mohammad Salah is currently the leading goal scorer in the 18/19 Premier League with 17 goals. One season wonder did they say?

14: Liverpool and Alisson Becker currently have the most clean sheets in the 18/19 Premier League season with 14. This is more than double Manchester United (6). Manchester City and Edison are in second place with 12.

35: The cities of Liverpool and Manchester are both located in the North West of England, and are roughly 35 miles (56km) apart.

50: Mohamed Salah is one goal short of 50 Premier League goals for Liverpool. If Salah scores against United, this will make him the fastest player in Premier League history to score 50 goals for a single club.

59: Liverpool have scored 59 goals so far this season. Salah, Mane and Firmino have 38 between them.

100: Manchester United Legend Sir Matt Busby made 100 appearances for Liverpool.

20-1-6: Liverpool’s record so far this season is 20-1-6 (W, L, D). No other team in the Premier League this season has been beat fewer times.


Official Liverpool Supporters Club Spotlight: LFC Edmonton

Official Liverpool Supports Club (OLSC) Spotlight: LFC Edmonton

Name: Official LFC Supporters Club Edmonton
Nickname: “Edmonton Reds”
Match day Meeting Point: Urban Tavern, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton Alberta, 11606 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0N2
Contact: We have a board of five who have developed the Club over the last 12 months (Craig Schofield, Danny Greenwood, Joanne Healey, Paul Bevan and myself James R Johnston), who are excited at what the future holds! Probably the best way to contact us is via our social media handles, all the group events are posted on the Facebook page and we have a healthy amount of debate and discussion on our page daily! We are working on a Club website which will really add more depth to our club as the years pass.
Facebook – LFCedmonton
Twitter: @edmontonreds
Instagram: @lfcedmonton

What they’re about:
The Club started a few years ago as a Facebook group for Liverpool supporters to connect and watch matches together. Originally founded by Danny as a way to connect fans in the city, it has certainly taken on a whole new life in the past 12 months. The numbers were steadily growing over the previous years. The run to the Champions League final last season really energized the fan base and that, coupled with an enthusiastic and concerted effort from all and sundry, helped to grow the group into the Club we know today. Over the summer of 2018 the board worked on the application to become official which was achieved in time for the kick-off of the current season.

We now have approx. 70 paid up members and another 300 or so who have joined our Facebook group. We are averaging between 60-100 per game on weekends and usually around half that during midweek games. We have certainly come a long way in a short space of time.

As a Club we routinely raise donations for local charities such as the Edmonton Food Bank and are partnered up with Boyle Street, a charity that provides services to the homeless here in Edmonton. We are still in our first year as an OLSC but we have made some great strides and aim to continue to work hard to grow our charitable contributions. We also have started to work with the Jamie Carragher charity back home called the 23 Foundation. We are going to be raffling off some items later in the season with a split of the proceeds going directly to that charity. The 23 foundation has some wonderful signed items for sale on their website and I highly recommend you check it out if you can, with the proceeds going to a great cause.

As for our game day location Urban Tavern is so much more than a place to watch matches together. They are really great partners for the Club and have helped us to grow and create a wonderful atmosphere on game days. They have been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you check them out if you are ever in our fair city. For instance, we have some great match day routines such as the hanging of our many flags and we recently started playing LFC music over the speaker system before, at half time and after the games to build a great Kop choir here in Edmonton!The social aspect of our Club is something we are growing as well, and we had a successful summer BBQ that we hope to make an annual event! Upcoming events include an LFC movie night and a quiz to be hosted by our very own quizmaster Danny! This Club has been a great way to bring folks together from many diverse backgrounds, folks who all share a clear passion and love for the Reds.
Memorable Moments:
There have been some great moments for the Club over the last 12 months or so. Becoming official in the summer, after a lot of work to comply with the application process, was a great moment and really legitimized all of our efforts. We are joining great company here in North America and it means a lot to our members to have an official connection with such a great institution as LFC.

Match day Breakfast:
The folks at Urban Tavern always have a great selection of items on offer for breakfast/ brunch during the games. I am partial to the Bacon, Eggs and Sausage but there is a great offering including items such as Eggs Benedict, the Chorizo Skillet or the Canadian delicacy Brunch Poutine! And for many of us including myself we partake in a few pints of “breakfast” Guinness! The Tavern also has a great Beer Wall where you can serve yourself and that has also proved very popular with our members! Bearing in mind that many of these games are 8am kick offs and folks have to clear snow to get here it makes a massive difference knowing the Urban Tavern will look after us!

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
From a purely footballing perspective there have been a few great moments this season already. For instance, the atmosphere after the Sturridge last minute equalizer against Chelsea, or the Firmino winner against PSG would be standouts in any other season. But the whole pub exploded when big Origi popped up at the death to score against Everton earlier this season! That was simply unreal, and more than a few pints were spilled that morning in the celebrations. The fact that some Everton fans had come to watch it with us made it all the sweeter and their goading was silenced instantly!

Interested in finding out more about LFC New Haven or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Urban Tavern 
Urban Tavern, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton Alberta, 11606 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0N2

Facebook – LFCedmonton
Twitter: @edmontonreds
Instagram: @lfcedmonton

By The Numbers: Crystal Palace (H)

Who:Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
Where: Anfield Stadium
When:Saturday, 19thJanuary, 10:00am ET
Where Can I Watch?,
NBC Sports Live
NBCSN (TV/Cable/Satellite)
LFCTV GO (Radio/Audio Stream)

Liverpool will look to maintain their lead at the top of the Premier League table this weekend as they take on Crystal Palace at Anfield on Saturday.

Be prepared for the game by the numbers:

0: Jürgen Klopp has NEVER lost back-to-back Premier League games. EVER.

1: Mohamed Salah is joint 1stin the Premier League for goals scored (14) this season. He is also fourth in the Premier League for assists with 7.

4: Since losing to Tottenham in 2017, Liverpool have lost just 4 of the 51 Premier League games since.

7: In their last seven encounters with Crystal Palace, Liverpool hold a record of 7-1-0 (W,L,D). The last defeat for the Reds came back in 2017 at Anfield. A 2-1 defeat with two goals from ex-Liverpool player Christian Benteke.

9: In the 1989/90 season, Liverpool defeated Crystal Palace 9-0 with eight different scorers. This was back when King Kenny and his team where running riot and brushing teams aside.

10: Liverpool have conceded just 10 goals so far this season. This is the best record in all of Europe’s top leagues this season.

13: Liverpool have also had the most clean sheets (13) in all of Europe’s top leagues this season too. What else!!

50: The 1-0 win last weekend against Brighton & Hove Albion was Jürgen Klopp’s 50thclean sheet in the Premier League. Virgil Van Dijk has been present for 20 of them.

1938: The first meeting between the two sides took place in 1938 in an FA cup 3rdround tie. The game ended 0-0.



Official Liverpool Supporters Club Spotlight: LFC New Haven

Official Liverpool Supports Club (OLSC) Spotlight: LFC New Haven

Name: Official Liverpool Supporters Club New Haven
Matchday Meeting Point: We are currently at Christy’s Irish Pub, but our official pub is The Trinity Bar and Restaurant (157 Orange Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510)
Contact: Andrew Shetty (Member of the Board)
Twitter – @lfcnewhaven
Facebook – LFC New Haven
Instagram – @lfcnewhaven

What they’re about
“LFC supporters all around CT began meeting in New Haven at a pub Anna Liffey’s since the early 2000’s. We decided to organize and form a supporters group around 2012. We were able to gain some traction and were recognized by Liverpool FC as an OLSC in 2014. In 2014 we migrated to The Trinity Bar which became the official home of OLSC New Haven. After growing our presence/membership at Trinity for a few seasons they (The Trinity Bar) experienced a fire in September 2017 which forced them to close their doors to rebuild. While we continue to wait for Trinity to open, we’ve been watching matches at Christy’s Irish Pub. Halfway through this 18/19 season, we are at 70 paid members for our OLSC”.

Memorable Moments 
“Two of our member went to Rome for the CL semifinal away. One of them threw our LFC New Haven scarf at Dejan Lovren who held it up at full time in front of all the cameras.

When we played in the Champions League final in 17/18 against Real Madrid, we had filled Christys at capacity 30 minutes before kick-off and another bar that offered to take spill over hit capacity as well.

A group of nine OLSC New Haven members recently traveled to Anfield for the Manchester United match on 12/16/18 when the Reds won 3-1. It was an incredible atmosphere with the group all sitting together in The Kop. We went to the original supporters group before and after the match as well”.

Match day Breakfast
“At Trinity, the two most popular breakfast dishes are the Kitchen Sink and the chorizo and hash. Paired well with the best Guinness in town or a Bloody Mary made with Swamp Yankee mix by one of our founding members!”

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club
“The most recent was the match against Arsenal where we watched at Christy’s which is an Arsenal pub. They scored the first goal in which we responded with five unanswered. We packed the place and all their supporters were silent”.


Interested in finding out more about LFC New Haven or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Christys Irish Bar
Address: 261 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510

Twitter – @lfcnewhaven
Facebook – LFC New Haven
Instagram – @lfcnewhaven

By The Numbers: 2018

Records broken, history made, players signed and goals have been scored. Here’s how 2018 has been for Liverpool:

1: Champions League Final. Mixed emotions, but a great ride with memorable performances, great goals and new Liverpool songs. Allez Allez Allez.

2: If the Premier League ran for the calendar year of 2018, Liverpool would be in 2nd place behind Manchester City. Joint on 88 points, with City edging Liverpool on goal difference.

5: Liverpool added 5 world class proven players to their roster. Naby Keita, Fabinho, Alisson Becker, Shaqiri and Virgil Van Dijk.

7: Liverpool became the first team to win all 7 games in December, a busy period in English football.

13: Mohammed Salah finishes 2018 as the 18/19 Premier League top goalscorer with 13 goals.

20: Liverpool remain unbeaten in the opening 20 league games of a season. For only the third time in the clubs history, they have not managed this since 1988.

28: In 2018, Mohammed Salah has scored 28 Premier League goals. This is more than any other Premier League player. In second place is Harry Kane with 25 and third is Aubameyang with 23. Mane has 14 and Firmino has 13.

42: After three goals against Arsenal, hat-trick hero Bobby Firmino became the highest scoring Brazilian in Premier League history with 42 goals. Philipe Coutinho is second.

51: Liverpool currently end 2018 with 54 points from 20 league games. This is their best start to top-flight English football in the clubs history.

100: Jurgen Klopp celebrated his 100thwin as Liverpool manager, reaching this great landmark faster than legends Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly.

500: James Milner played his 500thPremier League game. A special milestone for the Red’s vice-captain and only the 13thplayer to do so. The last player to reach 500 was also a Red, Steven Gerrard.

2019: Liverpool enter 2019, 7 points clear at the top of the Premier League table. No team in Premier League history has been so far clear entering the New Year and not gone on to win the title.

By The Numbers: Wolves (A)

BY THE NUMBERS: Liverpool vs Arsenal (A)

Who: Wolves vs Liverpool

Where: Molineux Stadium (Wolves)

When: Friday, 21st December, 3:00pm ET

Where Can I Watch?, NBC Sports Live

LFCTV GO (Radio/Audio Stream)

Liverpool are unbeaten in the Premier League and remain the only team in the English top-flight to have avoided defeat all season. Jürgen Klopp and his men travel to Molineux Stadium on Friday to play an in-form Wolves side. A win would keep Liverpool top of the table with two games left in what has been a busy December schedule.

Be prepared for the game by the numbers:

3: During the last two meetings between the two sides at Molineux Stadium, both games ended in 3-0 in favor of Liverpool.

4: Liverpool now have 14 wins and 3 draws in their last 17 games. This is the fourth-best start in history by an English club. EVER!

6: Liverpool has the fewest goals conceded in the Premier League this season with just 6. Only five times in English top-flight football history has a team conceded just 6 goals in their opening 15 league matches. Liverpool have also not conceded more than one goal in their last 20 Premier League games.

7: After Shaqiri’s two goals on Sunday, Liverpool have scored 7 times from the bench this season, compared to just 3 in the whole of last season. Super subs.

8: In the Premier League, Liverpool and Wolves have met on 8 occasions. Through these games, Liverpool hold a record of 5-1-2 (W,L,D).

10: Liverpool have a total of 10 clean sheets so far this season. This is the most in the Premier League. Chelsea come in second with 8.

12: Every single Liverpool outfield player had a shot on goal for the Reds on Sunday. This includes all substitutes and defenders. Alisson also hit a heavy pass that could be classed..

30: In Liverpool’s last Premier League fixture (Manchester United) Liverpool outshot their opponents by 30.

45: Liverpool currently have 45 points so far this season. This is 21 more than Everton and 19 more than Manchester United.

51: Mohammad Salah has scored 10 goals, has 4 assists and created 37 chances for Liverpool this season. This is the most for any Liverpool player. Salah also leads the Premier League with 10 goals, joint with Arsenal’s Aubameyang.